Welcome to the Jarzyna Lab at the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology at The Ohio State University. We are macroecologists and global change ecologists interested in understanding the mechanisms relevant to biodiversity dynamics across spatial and temporal scales. We often use computational approaches and big data and are closely affiliated with the Translational Data Analytics Institute at OSU.

We believe that of particular importance is identifying the dimensions of biodiversity that hold the most information for predicting outcomes of global change. The primary goal of our research is to identify these dimensions of biodiversity and thus allow for generalizable and sound forecasting of the implications of global change. Work in the Lab spans multiple spatial, temporal, and biological scales.

Our research questions focus broadly on:

  • evidence of biodiversity change

  • effects of global change on biodiversity

  • scale dependence of biodiversity and its change

  • trait-based biogeography

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Recent Lab News

August, 2019

We are looking to fill one NSF-funded postdoctoral position in macroecology and global change biology: see the ad here.

January, 2019

Marta and Collin are representing the lab at the International Biogeography Society meeting in Malaga, Spain!

November, 2018

Welcome Collin VanBuren! Looking forward to together exploring questions about mammalian community composition change using paleo records.

November, 2018

Our Journal of Applied Ecology paper on wild pigs selected as the 2017 Publication of the Year by the National Wildlife Research Center!